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Maybe you’ve already put out a listing but are not seeing the returns you had expected. Or you’ve come across issues in the guest experience that are proving problematic to solve. Any issue you are having has been experienced by someone else before and can be overcome!

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A simple & stress-free plan to launch (or relaunch) your Airbnb

If you are overwhelmed by the volume of vacation rental information on the internet, look no further.  This complete, easy to read guide will get you up to speed quickly.  The information is current, concise and outlines factors to consider, key definitions, Dos and Don’ts and how to avoid the dreaded worst case scenarios.

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Problems come in all shapes and sizes. To find the best solution, you may need consultation that can address your unique situation. Susanne Young, author of “BOOKED!” is your source for solutions. 

Set up a one-time, thirty-minute focused consultation with Susanne to find your next step towards VR bliss! 

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With the mass appeal of owning a vacation rental leading to countless new listings on all platforms, it’s no surprise that some rentals are experiencing a drop-in performance. Whether it’s due to a drop in your review ratings or just lower priced listings in your area, there’s no reason that your ROI should decline. 

Our Listing Site Assessment is the perfect companion to “BOOKED!”. This review will outline the pain points of your listing. From this, you can create an informed plan for positioning and improving your rental in your market. No two listings are the same, and that’s why a Listing Site Assessment is the right choice for finding out what will make yours shine! 

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When I first started to plan for our vacation rental, I consulted with Susanne Young. She gave us some easy and economical suggestions that we implemented. Guests now tell us these elements were specifically why they choose our place to book for their vacation. As a result of Susanne’s insight, we have a very full calendar in our first year of operation.
I wish I would have read Susanne's book before starting out with STR! I could have avoided costly mistakes. The book is essential for new and seasoned hosts. It is well-written and certainly worth the small investment to improve ROI and make the business an easier process. I highly recommend it! We have several vacation rental units and we have employed Susanne on all of them. Her tremendous knowledge and pulse on the industry have been an advantage that has led us as a top rental in our markets. Whenever we have experienced roadblocks, she has been there to help us move past these challenges and revitalize our projects.
The most comprehensive vacation rental guide I have ever read and an invaluable resource.
This book is a tremendous resource and from my own personal experience with renting our vacation home for the past 14 years, you have really hit the critical factors as well as the finer points that will assist vacation home owners to stand out in the crowd of short-term vacation rental.
I am a successful property manager in Kelowna with some of my portfolio consisting of vacation rentals. I thought my properties looked the best they could until I had the good fortune of crossing paths with Susanne. She has the most incredible attention to detail and natural eye for design. With her help on staging, photographs, and knowledge and expertise on all areas of running a vacation rental  she has transformed my properties from mediocre to outstanding. My bookings have increased and I have easily been able to fill the summers. I now recommend her services to everyone I work with as I hold her in high regard.
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