Tools, Lists & Resources for Management Efficiency

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There’s tons of available tools, automation and support out there to manage your VR. We’ll save you time and effort by delivering you the relevant resources, trusted tools and best technology on the market to increase your efficiency and protect the security of your investment. We’ll assist you by answering any questions you may have on efficiently and effectively running a vacation rental. You’ll receive the following resources and lists to effectively manage your Vacation Rental long-term.

Recommended Inventory List

Comprehensive list of all the “must haves” including sources for high quality hotel grade linens / towels in small volumes, at wholesale price points.

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Considerations / Recommendations to help you write your Rental Agreement

Key inclusion points, expectations and clear communication with guests to avoid conflict and protect your property rules and cancellation policies.

Independent Website Advice

Create your own website on a VR platform to establish a high quality, ‘minimal effort’ rental that automates updating calendars from multiple booking sites, sends out pre-programmed “just in time” guest communication and can process VISA / MC online bookings for private, word of mouth, or return guests with no commission fees.

Changeover Management Online Solution

Online interactive checklists complete with staging photos available on provider cell phones. Owners can monitor cleanings in real time. Integrated with booking sites for zero communication errors about when service is needed. We will even set up a cleaning checklist for you to assign to your changeover service provider.

Properly: Our Recommended Changeover Software Solution

Your Solution to Managing Vacation Rental Housekeeping and Maintenance

  • Get perfect changeovers with Properly visual checklists!
  • Fully integrated with platforms like Airbnb and VRBO/HomeAway
  • Cleaners accept job requests directly on their cell phone Properly App followed by standardized, interactive checklists and photos.
  • Real time monitoring of your Service Providers and team at any time from any place
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Security Set-up

No one expects to fall victim to disrespectful guests. With the amount of money at stake, ensuring the security of your property, as well as your guests, should be a concern at the forefront of your listing. We will guide you through the selection and use of monitoring tools to take measures in protecting your property, while also supporting your vision of how to take care of your guests. We’ll provide you with templates for supplies and inventory, agreements that protect you, and strategies on how to avoid disrespectful guests.

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