Our Process

Anyone can list a property online, but to get the most out of every dollar you put in, you need a strategist to direct you through the process to maximize bookings and referrals. We will teach you how to effectively maintain and care for your guests and property with efficiency, organization, and style! We will teach you how to effectively care for your guests and property with efficiency, organization, and style! We will accelerate you through the learning curve of owning a vacation rental, eliminating your anxieties and stress, and provide information on the best tools and support.

By the end of Our Process, you will be equipped to independently run a successful vacation rental, from anywhere, and reap its many rewards!

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set the stage

We live in a visual world and to succeed in the increasingly competitive VR landscape, you need to shine! The best return on your investment (by a long shot!) starts by creating an aesthetically appealing vacation property listing that is described in an enticing way. Good VR design adds irresistible “booking magnet elements” and does not have to cost a fortune. The description must match the photos and peak interest. Would you rather stay in a “four-bedroom, three-bath”, or “a rustic cabin on a majestic ridge with vistas waiting at every window”? Specialized VR photography is dramatically different than real estate photography. We are here to help you sell “a travel experience” instead of a piece of real estate. Branding the property makes it easier for return guests and referrals to find you next year. Regardless of what else you may do right, your return on investment will be largely be dependent on how much you understand, accept and budget to set the stage.

Vacation Rental Strategist staging and photography vacation rentals Kelowna consulting
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gear up with the essentials

Beyond recommending suppliers for the best sheets and towels, we provide checklists for essential inventory, sample house rules, tips on selecting cleaners. Nothing will be missed or forgotten.

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creating the ultimate guest experience

Guests choose vacation rentals over hotels because they want convenience and luxury. They expect (and deserve) a great guest experience. We will help you get consistent, raving, five-star reviews that drive future bookings up. Ideas for how to add the little extras that raise the bar are covered. Managing an occasional poor review is possible (we provide examples), but a trend of poor reviews or disappointing photos is something we can help you avoid.

Vacation Rental Strategist details and booking vacation rentals Kelowna consulting
Vacation Rental Strategist listing and marketing vacation rentals Kelowna consulting
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get the word out

Now that you are ready for guests, decide where to list. Most owners begin with online sites such as Airbnb, Homeaway, Booking.com. This is an online business where strangers are sending you their hard-earned cash and forming plans around your property as their vacation basecamp. Learn how to build in elements that solidify their trust.

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automate with the latest technology

Some people chose to hire property managers; self-management is not for everyone. We can tell you it is a whole lot easier if you know what is out there to help you. Discover and employ the latest innovations. Connect with cleaners and rest assured there will be zero miscommunications about schedules or expectations. Smart phone cleaning checklists and online cleaning guides are dispatched to their phone and result in a perfect job, every time. Consistency counts. There are economical and powerful Vacation Software platform options that sync calendars, accept payment, program future guest communication just in time for when they want the info. Even make remote management entirely possible. Control lights, heat and have music playing when guests arrive; greet them with a video message and your House Guide book on special VR tablet. There is even technology that will alert you instantly if cellular devices exceed your maximum number. We do the homework and research and make recommendations for the current best practice tools. Clients have access to most up to date resources for latest and best automation tools.

Vacation Rental Strategist automation vacation rentals Kelowna consulting
Vacation Rental Strategist add value vacation rentals Kelowna consulting
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build added value

Easily recover your initial investment by creating a desirable property that commands higher nightly rates and fills calendars. Think beyond prime time, Vacation Rentals can attract travellers in shoulder and low seasons too. If you can demonstrate success over a couple of years, selling your property as a “turnkey” VR for more than market value is a realistic goal. Sales of VR properties can increase values by $30,000 as seen in some recent examples.

Ready to build a platform of success for decades to come? Lets get started.