Our Vision

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To provide the Okanagan and vacation hot spots around the world with premiere Vacation Rental Services that will delight visitors and, in turn, generate greater return on investment than conventional renting or leasing of property. The rapid expansion of online listings for vacation properties has made it crucial for vacation rentals to create appealing listings that reach desirable clientele. To show the world how beautiful your property is, without wasting any time, you will need the support of an expert who has real world experience.

Your property has potential – and we know how to make it shine! Our Process will accelerate you through the vacation rental learning curve and set you up for ongoing success.

About Susanne

Intrigued by emerging forces of the sharing economy, and its impact on global travel, Susanne could sense something big was happening to the way travellers chose and booked accommodation.  Travel and real estate have merged to create a new market sector often termed Airbnb but more accurately described as vacation rentals.  This lucrative industry continues to grow. She notes, “Guests love it and so do hosts; short term rental is not going anywhere, anytime soon”.

With an interest in travel writing and photography, she took the plunge and immersed herself in vacation rental ownership. Branding her property, adding interior design elements and taking some great photos resulted in immediate interest and bookings. Researching thoroughly has always been her style. Seeking process design and error proofing solutions to save time was worth the effort and resulted in a highly efficient VR business. Within the first year, the property was almost fully booked, reviews were glowing and there were zero guest issues. To validate the theory that vacation rentals add value to the sale price, after 2 1/2 years she sold her property for a premium price.  The sale attracted buyers who wanted to operate a vacation rental but not start from the ground up.  She connects with an international group of industry leaders by attending conferences and belongs to insider groups with solutions for everything and their pulse on the future.  Creating and perfecting a formula to launch a successful VR Property has paid off. Her revenue was more lucrative than anticipated, far exceeding ROI expectations. These conferences opened a world of collaboration possibilities and her Launch Package includes experts from around the continent. Her service is designed to take the guesswork out of setting up or refreshing a short-term vacation rental. Organically, an entirely new career path found her – Vacation Rental Strategist.

Susanne reveals all the insider secrets in her publication:

BOOKED!! A Simple & Stress-Free Plan to Launch (or Relaunch) Your Airbnb

30 Easy Steps to fill your calendar, get better guests and achieve five-star reviews.

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Her motto:

Focus on creating a space that will WOW your guests, describe it vividly, capture it beautifully and see your bookings soar. Save time by using the latest technology to streamline and automate everything. Deliver a positive and memorable guest experience with a personal touch and hit it out of the park with your VR too.

Susanne brings her integrity, energy, and spirit to every property she enters. Let her guide you through the learning curve to success in record time.

Ready to build a platform of success for decades to come? Lets get started.