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Professional Copywriting Increases Bookings for Your Vacation Rental

Professional Copywriting Increases Bookings for Your Vacation Rental

Great staging and photography is a must to capture attention, but polished copywriting will set a highly professional tone for your Vacation Rental. This is an essential element required to “seal the deal” for confirmed bookings.

Communicating the Vacation Experience

Every property has a personality. How do you want guests to feel? Do you think they will be mesmerized by the view of city lights or sink in your hammock to relax with a little sand between their toes? Rather than a real estate bullet check list of amenities, a writer can create a targeted, thoughtful and sensory writing piece that will do your property justice. Don’t fancy yourself a writer, Vacation Rental Strategist offers writing and listing descriptions – or better yet, storytelling! – as part of our Service Packages.

Striking just the right balance is important. Descriptions must be informative enough to provide key facts, but invoke enough emotion to actually be read. Describing the outstanding features, while avoiding commonly used words and doing this succinctly, is an art form. Ask yourself, what would draw you in to book a vacation rental? What will guests think longingly about once they’ve returned home from their vacation? It could be the peaceful and breathtaking view of the Okanagan Valley — or your over-the-top trendy San Francisco condo on the most happening street.

All owners who are proud of their property think it is “awesome”. Your job is to drill down to make your reader understand why.

Track Your Listing Views!

All websites and listing platforms have data and metrics available to see how many potential guests “drop in” but then keep on shopping without making an inquiry or booking. Those are numbers worth paying attention to. If you have an existing rental with a low conversion rate, you are either losing their attention or not giving them the information they need to make a booking decision.

Vacation Rental Copywriting Tips

Avoiding run-on-sentences, diluted messages, cliches and other writing pitfalls can be a learned skill. There is a lot of “how to” blog material out there if you are inclined, enjoy writing as a hobby, or wish to pursue it. If not, it is far better to turn it over to the pros.

If you want to get really serious about maximizing bookings, strong messaging is the edge you will need to take it to another level. Vacation Rental Strategist is proud to partner with the professional copywriters at Guest Hook to help you reel in bookings.

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