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Killer Photos Provide Your Vacation Rental with a Marketing Edge

Killer Photos Provide Your Vacation Rental with a Marketing Edge

Photography matters when it comes to the success of your vacation rental business.

… in fact, it matters a lot.

Although it seems like a common sense concept, it is perplexing how many uninspired, out of focus, poor exposure, wrong angle or just plain “less-than-wow” photos are being used in vacation rental marketing.

There’s a wide spectrum of photo quality out there. On the extreme end of bad, there’s photos showing a bed with a bump in it — to possibly depict someone getting “a good nights” sleep — or a kitchen counter crowded with a mess of stuff! Mostly though, vacation rental photos are not terrible, but they also don’t “wow” your potential guests. Photography can work for you or against you…

Research Proves Your Vacation Rental Photos Matter

When market research is done to determine exactly how much this matters, they will use A / B testing images. Well lit, well composed, correctly exposed, and well staged images will convert to more bookings than mediocre photos. Try this experiment: Go on any listing site for any city and put in some dates. Pay attention to what you are attracted to versus what you will pass on. Using the internet to find accommodation is like Online Dating Sites but for vacation choices. Case made.

New owners who seek knowledge about Vacation Rental marketing will quickly be enlightened about the importance of investing in great images. Photography is emphasized at the best conferences and in owners’ group forums.

Your First Impression Hopefully Isn’t Your Last

Put yourself in the shoes of the traveller who has never seen the property and does not know you. It is the visual tour through your gallery that will give them the quickest sense of whether they wish to spend precious vacation time and thousands of dollars at your Vacation Rental.

Be Wary… Vacation Rental Photography is Unique

You are not selling your place, so real estate marketing photos are the wrong approach. The visual your pictures present must kick start the “dream” part of a dream vacation. A specialized vacation rental photographer will help you sell the experience. A combination of photography skills and an understanding of the art of marketing a vacation rental property, is where the magic happens.

With exponential growth in vacation rental inventories, you need killer photographs that invite and compel a traveler to become a guest.

Contact Vacation Rental Strategist to make an enticing first impression with specialized photography!

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