A simple & stress-free plan to launch (or relaunch) your Airbnb

Accelerate through the learning curve of owning a vacation rental

A no-frills, tell-it-like-it-is resource for creating a vacation rental business that wows your guests, maintains excellent reviews and commands the highest rates. 

Available in Paperback, Kindle or Audible

Discover the stress free and straighforward plan for launching or relaunching your Airbnb.

If you are overwhelmed by the volume of vacation rental information on the internet, look no further. This complete, easy to read guide will get you up to speed quickly. The information is current, concise, and outlines factors to consider, key definitions, Dos, and Don’ts and how to avoid the dreaded worst-case scenarios. If you are ready to accelerate through the learning curve to successful & profitable vacation rental ownership and management, this is your turnkey guide.

High Praise For Booked From Noteworthy Experts, Owners & Property Managers

Available in Paperback, Kindle or Audible

The Industry In A Drop

For a (relatively) new industry like short term rentals, it's hard to find authoritative, singular resources that cover the gamut of information you need to know, primarily because best practices haven't been established yet. Susanne has managed to do what few have and that is distill our industry's must-know knowledge down into a book. If you are entering the industry, please read this thing -- you'll be exponentially more educated (and therefore, less prone to costly mistakes). Just to note, I have never endorsed a book like this.

The most comprehensive vacation rental guide I have ever read and an invaluable resource.

I share it with every owner I work with

The first time I read this book I added sticky notes throughout the entire thing! After reading it again and again and again I've added more notes, underlines and dog eared pages. As someone who works with multiple owners of vacation rentals in both the US and Canada I can say there is a TON of valuable information in this book no matter what stage of the game you are in. I gift a copy to every client - and they all can't believe the gold they find within this book. Use it and you'll quickly make your money back just by reading one chapter!

Fantastic resource for vacation rental and Airbnb owners

I cannot tell you enough how much this book has helped our clients, who are Airbnb and short-term rental owners and managers. If you haven't read this book, you will be at a distinct disadvantage in this business. From marketing, decorating, branding, listing descriptions, websites, this book covers everything you need to know to get started or to upgrade your vacation rental bookings.

Great Find!

I highly recommend this book. It has been of great value to me, in preparing to launch my first beach rental. It covers all aspects of preparing, maintaining, and improving a successful rental, in a simplified manner. I have kept it open on my cellular for the last 5 months to reference. Best investment you'll make, for a small cost.

Best Book on the Vacation Rental Industry!!!!!

Book was very comprehensive and detailed. Susanne goes into detail on how to set up your vacation rental property from start to the end. With the details from her book and her expertise we were able to launch our Airbnb with less headache and with more confidence. In 6 months of launching our Airbnb we have made $12,000. My wife and I definitely recommend you read this book if you are in the vacation rental industry.


Susanne Young, vacation rental owner, author and consultant

Susanne Young is a consultant, author, speaker, and magazine contributor. She is a recognized subject expert in the vacation rental industry.

Working with clients across three countries since 2017, she helps owners up their game. The equation is simple. “Optimize a vacation rental using a comprehensive approach, and success follows with near mathematical certainty!”.

Her clients consistently see big jumps in their ROI after implementing recommendations.

Susanne is an admitted “Vacation Rental Geek” on a continuous learning journey. Putting it all into practice, she manages a prototype vacation rental property called Urban Shores

This luxury condo gets rave guest reviews and consistent five-star ratings.

Recently a lifestyle magazine ran a feature on this property.

Across the board, she encourages clients to adopt sound environmental practices. Guests are increasingly filtering eco-friendly accommodations into their shortlist.

Susanne lives in the Okanagan, a Canadian vacation mecca, with her husband of 35 years. Time spent with family, friends, and a granddaughter fills her with gratitude and joy”

Vacation Rental Consultant

Jodi Bourne, Consultant & Website Design

Jodi Bourne is a vacation rental business consultant, marketing coach, website designer and has a number of courses on vacation rental marketing. 

Jodi has worked with clients across the United States, Canada, South America and Europe as they have built and elevated their vacation rental brands. She helps create book direct marketing strategies, outline tools, systems and processes, and advises her clients on how to elevate the guest experience. 

Her clients consistently see more engagement in their social media, more traffic to their websites, an increase in ROI and more time in their calendars after implementing the tools and systems from Jodi’s advice.

Jodi believes that the true path to vacation rental success is to care about your guest experience and provide top-notch service and attention, excellent accommodations and to use marketing to build trust and relationships with previous, current and future guests. 

Jodi lives in the Texas Hill Country, near Austin, with her husband Michael and their two dogs Jolene and Oscar.  As empty nesters, they are able to enjoy traveling and living like a local at vacation rentals all over the United States. 

Design & Amenities

What are you missing that will wow your guests and create the most excitement from your prospects.

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